Why Replica Patek Philippe Is So Popular?

Patek Philippe replica collectors are not like other collectors. You can spend hundreds of thousands of euros or even millions on a rare piece and sometimes fight fierce battles for several years to acquire the rarities from the Swiss manufacturer. A grail that gives the watchmaker's serail a unique respect. Without having to buy a flashy model or several replica watches, the restrained elegance of the replica Patek Philippe watches testifies to the treasure on the collector's wrist. Anyone who owns one knows they are dressed to the best of their ability in the manufactured works, historical heritage and design.

The Advancement Of LVMH

Today, heirs, Nick Hayek, President and CEO, and his sister, Nayla Hayek, Chairman of the Board of Directors, are trying to keep the number one in the industry, whose sales fell 2.7% in 2019. The Covid-19 crisis did not, which contributed to sales dropping 46% in the first half of the year before recovering since then. Aside from the poor international economy that began last year with Hong Kong's paralysis and the structural decline in Chinese growth, a deeper change is taking place.

The industrial Swatch Group and wealthy Richemont, both with fairly conservative corporate cultures, see a giant ... the French are collapsing. LVMH is stepping up the development of a high-performance fake watch and jewelry division, which in 2019 accounted for only 8% of the sales of the world's leading luxury group. Although the planned takeover of Tiffany & Co. was abandoned due to the health crisis, the group founded its own watch replica salon in Dubai last January to present the new collections of its brands Hublot, Tag Heuer and Zenith. a way to revolutionize the whole representation of the sector. When the other Frenchman, Kering, owner of Ulysse Nardin and Girard-Perregaux, is ambushed.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Automatic Men White Marrone strap

Timeless Luxury

Other, essentially masculine pieces, with the exception of a few timeless feminine pieces like the Panth¨¨re de Cartier or the Reverso by Jaeger-LeCoultre, have passed down into posterity with some more notable changes. We can quote the Breitling Navitimer, which the pilots adopted in 1952, or the Monaco, the square automatic chronograph from TAG Heuer, which was worn by Steve Mc Queen in Le Mans in 1971 and whose fans are the French.

For many prestigious houses that think of making the best Patek Philippe replica watches, timelessness has become one of the pillars of luxury replica watchmaking. And that ability to go through all the fashions is invaluable as the chosen ones are best qualified to stay relevant for half a century or more after launch. It's a World Time model that was torn this time after a fierce battle and for good reason: it's one of four rose gold models with a guilloch¨¦ dial. The latter is extremely rare and has only been auctioned twice. One of the famous four models is in the fake Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.


Let's start with a statement that might surprise you: I'm not a huge fan of big complications. For many lovers of haute horlogerie, what I just said may remove any interest in what is to come. But wait a minute and let me explain why. First, I admit these luxury replica watches sale are wonderful exercises in style and technology, fine examples of craftsmanship and imagination, and most importantly, evidence that watchmakers are artists. I was lucky enough to admire these master watchmakers at their workbenches and to see the passion sparkle in their eyes as they discussed their creations.

However, a piece of haute horlogerie doesn't just have to be a fake watch, but above all a generator of sensations and emotions. Hence, it takes time to own their greatness and appreciate them for their true worth. Why can I still write after this declaration of love that these works of art do not "touch" me? Because I firmly believe in accessible watchmaking. A knock off watch must remain what it should be: an everyday object, simple, useful, but intimate. And today, replica watches with major complications are too far removed from reality both financially and emotionally.

Take The Trend Against The Grain

It's riskier. But it offers good prospects for the more organized. When they are unable to access the top of the most sought-after replica watches, with a little common sense they can try reaching out to others that are more accessible but that may eventually become easy to sell due to their limited edition or potential Products.

In this area we are thinking of the coveted Monaco from TAG Heuer in its limited series versions, especially for France. The replica Omega Speedmaster in the original Moonwatch version is also in great demand, especially in this fiftieth anniversary year of its first moon landing. Another option is to look at the small houses. A Pequignet manufacture sells very well because connoisseurs know that it is rare and very well made, but at a lower price than the competition of identical quality. And the pleasure of buying French is less discussed as it is a bonus for some fans.

A real rarity that appears as the centerpiece of every fake watch collection, no matter how prestigious. The World Timer was developed for insatiable globetrotters and shows the 24 most important cities in the world and their time zones. Introduced in 1953, it was also the first to incorporate replica Patek Phillipe's new patented two-crown system: one to wind the replica watch and the other at 9 o'clock to control the city disc.


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